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Are we equipping kids and youth to engage the world?

Coming…1Month. 1Neighbourhood.

3 Books I’m Reading this Summer

Discerning Your Mission

Availability and vulnerability 

Millennials Value Authenticity. So what?

8 Reasons You Should Get Your Kids and Youth Involved With Camp

Vacationing Well

Got the time?

How to respond when you heart is heavy

Who is praying bold, tenacious prayers for you? For youth?

How to shrink your church or ministry 

Spiritual Feeding vs. Spiritual Formation

3 Reasons I Like/Dislike Ministry in Atlantic Canada

3 Reasons I love Springforth and You Should Too

Only One Life – Responding to Physician Assisted Death

3 take aways from the forum that will change the way I lead

Domestic Violence and the witness of the Church

LGBTQ: Is it possible to be welcoming, but not affirming?

Beautiful Minds, Fragile Minds – How churches can help destigmatize mental health issues 

Responding to hot topics with grace and truth

Are you willing to suffer?

6 Common Myths about Small Groups for Youth and Children

Getting the Best out of People at Meetings

20 Ideas on how to make gatherings more engaging and less like a spectator sport 

3 Ways to Shift to a Missional Youth and Children’s Ministry

Why we still need youth pastors in 2016

Get out – 7 steps to get into the right harvest field

What if we’re not harvesting the right field – Dan Pyke

The top 5 things I’m learning about mission – Andrew Glidden

Abuse – pull back the carpet 

Advice from a young adult on becoming a welcoming church

11 Characteristics we need in leaders today

3 Questions to make 2016 better than 2015

Merry Christmas!

Go, Tell it on the Mountain – 7 pieces of advice for sharing the good news today

Is there an extra chair at your table for me?

How to help your home be porn free

Why you need to talk about porn at your church

The power of flowers and candles in a world of guns and bombs

I want a bigger sandbox! How to NOT get stuck in maintenance ministry

10 things churches that are growing younger are doing

Joining God where you play – what we can learn from gamers

Who will create the new hoverboards and flying cars for the church?

Helping Teenagers (or anyone) in Crisis 

How to support women in ministry

7 questions to ask to be a better leader

12 conversations you need to have with every grade 12 student you know

Thriving when life goes from 0 to 100 km/h for a season

Which one? Selecting the right materials for your kids’ or youth ministry

Interview with Pierrette (Christian teen)

Current day heroes 

Praying for your neighbourhood 

Stupid or faithful

Setting ministry goals like an Olympian 

Eat this book

Debriefing a short term mission experience

What is the leader to do during a mission trip?

Involve the whole church in a short term mission experience

Start Here – 5 reasons you need to be involved in local mission

4 Reasons to get healthier and how to get started 

5 quick thoughts on making summer ministry great

Why leaders should travel

Cultivating students with a missional mindset for their world

25 ways to be good news to your local school

Cultivating students with a missional mindset for their neighbourhoods 

30 great conversation starters with Gen Y & Gen Zers

Evangelism with this generation

God is up to something

What the gym can teach you about recruiting volunteers

What yelling “CAR” tells us about making children’s ministry a priority

It is Finished

Interview with Sam Luce about the importance of Children’s ministry

25 ideas to bridge generational gaps

Cultivating intergenerational communities

How to talk about tough topics at youth group

Change begins with one step

Why every leader needs a mentor

What can we learn from our children and youth for the renewal of the Church?

Young Adults – How can we help?

Four Lessons from a Double Snow Day

7 Things Singles Can Do To Build Bridges with the Church

8 Things Churches Can Do To Include Singles 

Why Churches need to pay attention to singles

How was your year? Really?! (Invitation to year end reflection)

Move Towards the Messes

7 Ways to Put Others First This Christmas

4 Questions to Ask to get Great Feedback

5 Ways to Lead a Terrible Mission Trip

Want to develop people as leaders? Throw them out of the boat

A call to celebrate

How NOT to surprise your boss

25 missional experiences everyone should have before they are 25

What have you been given?

Want to be missional? Spot the needs.

Find 3 bright spots

Welcome to one neighbourhood


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