We’ve moved to cbacyf.ca

Our blog has moved to: http://cbacyf.ca/oneneighbourhood/

We so appreciate how you have read and engaged with this blog! Let’s keep the conversation going! Join us on our new site.

If you’d like to receive our blogs directly to your email you’ve got to subscribe at the new site, where it asks for your email at the bottom of the page. IF you were subscribed on this old oneneighbourhood.org blog you’ll have to re-subscribe on the new site or you will not continue to receive the blog via email.

This is all because we have created a new one stop shop website for the CBAC Youth and Family. {CBAC = Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada, but anyone from any denomination or wherever you are in your journey of faith are welcome to join us, use the resouces and come to events.}  You can find resources to help your kids, youth and young adult ministry, neighbouring month, all our events, how to videos, the blog, more about us etc…  Check it out cbacyf.ca  We’re a work in progress, so let us know how we can be more helpful and what tweaks are needed on the new website.

I’ve posted a new blog on the new site today (Sept. 1, 2016). Check it out.

Thankful for you and how you are seeking to join God in your neighbourhoods!

-Renée @r_embree #1neighbourhood